( UK members get up to £15 Amazon vouchers each month for FREE )
( USA members get $15 per month for FREE )
ALL members get paid up to $£500 per survey.


1 PC, Tablet, Phone, ( Preferrably one of each and you must be able to install software / apps on each )
2 SurveySavvy account Click HERE
3 Amazon account Click HERE

The Amazon voucher offer is only for UK members, USA members payments will be added to your SurveySavvy account. People in other countries can still join SurveySavvy and participate in surveys and get notified when the Savvy Connect system gets added for their country.

The vouchers come in £5 vouchers, one £5 voucher for each device you install the software / app. So, to qualify for the £15 in vouchers each month, you will need to install the software / app on 3 devices.

UK Visitors - As well as getting up to £15 in Amazon vouchers each month, you will also get sent online surveys which you must participate in to qualify for the vouchers. You will be paid separately for completing the surveys, the surveys can pay up to $£500 per survey. Earnings from surveys will be put into the SurveySavvy account and a cheque will be sent to you upon request from within your SurveySavvy account. TIP - The cheque will be sent in $, your bank will charge a conversion fee ( around £8 ), make sure you only request a cheque when you have enough saved to cover the fee and to make profit.

To qualify for the £15 in Amazon vouchers, follow the steps below...

Step 1 = Join SurveySavvy Click HERE

Step 2 = Join Amazon.co.uk Click HERE

Step 3 = Complete your SurveySavvy profile to qualify for surveys.

Step 4 = If on computer, click on "Savvyconnect" in the top right menu to download the software, if on tablet / phone, install the app via the "Savvyconnect" page. You will get a £5 voucher per device so try to install on 3 devices. You do NOT need 3 surveysavvy accounts, just login to your surveysavvy account on your 2nd and 3rd device and go to the savvyconnect page to download / install the software / app.

Step 5 = Make sure to keep the software / app active with searches several times a day. Morning and evening should suffice. The searches should be done in the browser that the app is connected to / which browser you installed the app / add on into.

Step 6 = Apply the vouchers to your Amazon account when they get sent to your email the following month.

Step 7 = Spend your Amazon vouchers before they expire, or save them for christmas ( You will get 3 months to apply your vouchers to your Amazon account before they expire. Once you have applied the vouchers to your Amazon account, you will have 10 years to use them before they expire ).

Step 8 = You can make even more money from surveysavvy through their unique affiliate program. When you are logged into your account, on the members "Home" page scroll down and you will see a section called "Your Referrals". You will see "Your Referral Link" which you can give to your friends / promote to build your downline. You will also see a section where you can add your friends name and email address. You should submit some now and earn a % of each survey they complete.

Step 9 = The referral system at surveysavvy pays on 2 levels, this means that when your friends friends take surveys, your friend gets a % of the amount earned, but, YOU also get a % of the amount earned, so, its best that you help your friends build their downline by helping them to get people to join, they can then start building your 2nd level downline by promoting their link. Win Win.

End of steps, Ads below...

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