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In 2018 the coins can be traded for cash $$$.
You can also mine it in YOUR browser or from a website and make $$$.
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What is ? is short for it is a site to help people to get money, The main system is a rewards tickets system. You can collect reward tickets from the participating sites. The more tickets collected, the more chances you have of winning a prize. The system also has a downline builder which lists sites where you can make money.

How many tickets can I collect ?

You can collect 1 ticket per day from

You can also collect 1 ticket per day from any / all of the sites that are hosting MMOFFS tickets.

I have joined but did not receive verify email ?

You should whitelist emails from, check in your spam folders and mark the email as not spam.

If you still cannot find the verify email, Click HERE and enter your email address to resend the verify email.

I cannot collect a ticket from a claim area ?

Unfortunately with browsers, sometimes they get things wrong and display old information.

If you cannot claim a ticket, 1st try refreshing the page, if using windows, press CTRL & F5. If on mac, Press CTRL ( Control ) key and R.

If the above does not fix the issue, then its probably cookies and cache causing the issue. Click HERE for more information on clearing cookies and cache.

How Do I Contact You?

Need Help, Click HERE to submit a support ticket.

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